Luz Velasquez » PBIS


Excellent job! Congratulations to the following students. You have earned 500 Dojo points and will now receive a $5.00 gift card in the mail soon. Keep up the focus and determination. 
Be Safe! 
Be Healthy!
Be Happy!
Learning is fun, so take advantage of every moment. It's such a great feeling to give it your best to reach your goals. Everyone can learn and everyone will succeed in our DLAB Program. Let's do this!
Be the STAR you are!
Thank you to all of our parents for providing guidance and support! We truly appreciate all of your help.🤩
It's officially SUMMER BREAK!


I am so proud of the hard work you put into DLAB this year. You were the very first group of students to experience this new program in BPUSD, which means you made history. It was so great to be your teacher, and I wish you the best when you return to your preferred program! For those of you that will be continuing, I am extremely excited to continue where we left off and to take learning to the next level for 2021-2022. Let's do this! For now, have an AWESOME summer break!

Take all that you gained as an "Independent" student and apply it to school and your life!

Be Safe, Be Healthy, and Be Happy!
Ms. Velasquez