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What is the DLAB?

Vision: The DLAB is a dynamic program that positively impacts the community by supporting and encouraging students to reach their highest potential in all facets of life.
Mission: To provide students in grades 3-12 with a unique 21st century learning experience in a non-traditional school setting while engaging students through research-based flexible learning models with continued monitoring and support. your text here...

Program Overview

The BPUSD Elementary Independent Study Program, also known as DLAB (Digital Learning & Beyond), serves families who are seeking educational alternatives to a regular classroom setting. Students participating in this program are considered enrolled in public school and are able to access district services and are invited to participate in school activities. Students enrolled in the DLAB program are able to have a more flexible schedule, in which the majority of their schoolwork is accomplished online from home.

In order to create the best outcomes possible, the program includes a Parent support component, where Parents attend weekly sessions either online or in person, to receive training on strategies and tips to help their child be successful in the program. Students attend class a minimum of one hour each week (class schedules will vary by grade level). Students are expected to complete their schoolwork daily from home, when they are not attending classes at the school site. Students are assigned a minimum of 4 hours of daily schoolwork that covers a variety of grade level curricular standards, topics, projects, assignments and activities. Opportunities for additional academic support may be available.

Independent Study Program offers:

  • Free Public Program 
  • Serving Grades 3 – 8
  • District-issued device
  • All curriculum, textbooks, and detailed lesson plans 
  • Follows traditional school calendar
  • Flexibly tailored to your child’s individual needs
  • Weekly Parent Support and/or Training sessions
  • Parents receive training to teach their children in all subject areas
  • Strategies /Techniques from Highly Qualified, Certificated Teachers
  • Frequent assessing and monitoring of your child’s progress
  • Participation in optional on-campus extra-curricular activities and field trips
  • Serving students in Los Angeles County and surrounding counties