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Program Highlights

1) Select your preferred class.
2) Decide how long you want to work.
3) Give it your best!
4) Move on to another class.
5) All school subjects are taught.  
1) Take a look at your Weekly Goals in each class.
2) Work on your Daily Steps to reach your goals.
3) Take notes in every class.
4) Give it your best!
5) Reach for the STARS!
6) Accelerate - continue working!
1) Here is where you have more choices.
2) Select a lesson (one from each subject).
3) Complete your work with quality.
4) You may use paper and pencil (art tools).
5) You can use Thinking Maps to represent your work.
6) Three Special Lessons are required per week.
7) Have fun!
All of your courses will have Daily Steps to complete. You will see your progress in the Weekly Progress Report. 
Complete all of your steps for the week and earn your gold stars! Accelerate on a daily basis!
star emoji emojis stars Sticker by Tamara Zeković